Individual & Group Counseling

Students who meet with the school counselor for individual or group counseling might have concerns about some of the following issues:
Motivation                           Bullying                                               
Swearing                             Peer Relationship
Divorce                               Fighting                                               
Worries                               Destruction of Property
Friendship                           Absences                           
Anger                                  Perfectionist
Dishonest                           Withdrawn                        
Trust                                   Fears
Inattentive                           Stealing                                               
Lying                                  Death
Hyperactive                        Social Skills                         
Depression                         Drugs
Referral Process
Students may refer themselves to the school counselor by filling out a guidance note with their teacher’s name and the student’s name. Parents or teachers may also make a referral for individual or group counseling by completing a teacher or parent referral form. Referral forms can be found under the resource links at the bottom of the webpage.
Please contact your School Counselor, Luke Morrissey, if you have any questions or concerns about a student or need a referral for counseling.