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Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

Registration is July 28, 2016 from 9 to 1 and 3 to 7.  All parents should attend registration for either returning or new students.  Please come during one of these two sessions.


New Students- Parent/Legal Guardian must show Driver’s License or picture ID with current address, and bring the following for your student:  birth certificate, immunization record, social security card, medicaid card (if applicable), proof of residency (2 forms).

Returning Students do not have to provide Proof of Residency, unless you have moved or if your address has changed. In this case, your parent/legal guardian must present Proof of Residency.    Note: Students who have an outstanding balance for fees owed (including, but not limited to: lunch fees, book fines, lost/damaged equipment, tablet fees, etc.) are expected to satisfy the debt prior to receiving their class schedule. 

*Legal Guardian must show proof of court-granted guardianship.

**Proof of Residency: mortgage/lease/rental agreement, Affidavit of Residence***, utility bill, telephone bill, tax bill

***Affidavit of Residence form can be picked up at registration and returned completed with notary seal. 

See you at registration and thanks for all that you do.

Dr. Tammy Graham








To keep us moving forward as a school, we invite parents to provide suggestions on how we can be an even better place of learning.

Procedures for Sharing Your Comments:

1. Suggestion Box - Please write your comments and drop them in the suggestion box in the front office.  The suggestion box will be checked every Wednesday

2. Email comments/suggestions to: or

3. Website - Click on the suggestion box to the left and type in your comment.  It will be automatically submitted to our school for review.

4. If you include your contact information we will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks for Sharing!



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